Essential Oil Safety Bundle eBooks

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An absolute MUST for anyone who is using essential oils!

This book will teach you the safety profiles for over 280 essential oils and absolutes. You will learn if they have any medication interactions, if an oil is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, if an oil if toxic or carcinogenic and SO MUCH MORE!

Cheatsheets that are included are:

  • Oils to avoid
  • Topical max
  • Oils to avoid during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy safe oils
  • Blood thinning oils
  • Dog & cat safe oils
  • Convulsant oils
  • Phototoxic oils
  • Anti-carcinogenic oils
  • Potentially carcinogenic oils
  • Age safe oils
  • BONUS checklist for where to buy your essential oils from

Written by a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist to make using your oils safely so much quicker and easier!