Firstly, I'm Amanda and I'm a Qualified Clinical Aromatherapist specialising in ante and postnatal care.

I have formulated these blends to help take the guesswork out of using essential oils for you!

Our blends are for you! So if you want convenient, affordable and safe blends but if you want to do it yourself and want more then read on!

The truth is there are toxic, carcinogenic, embryotoxic and unsafe essential oils that unqualified people are telling you not only to use but also to ingest because they don't know any better. And “low tox” isn't low tox when you are using oils incorrectly and unsafely. 

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If you have any questions shoot me an email!


Qualified Clinical Aromatherapist


Aussie Mini Natives
Aussie Mini Natives

Aussie Mini Natives

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